We will help facilitate your permits whether you’re using local roads, facilities or public places. You may require consents for bigger shoots or if you’re building structures, using pyrotechnics, fire or firearms – it’s best to check it all out in advance.

Contact us in the first instance and we can point you in the right direction.

We recommend you engage a locally-based line producer or location scout/manager – they know the landowners and the ropes!

They are listed on the Industry Directory on this site and can help you obtain all your permissions and advise on/manage legal requirements, visa applications, tax, insurance, accepted work practices and all other aspects of production.

 Local Government 

Location filming that involves the following activities :

-    Use of streets and roads

-    Use of open spaces, reserves and parks
-    Use of council facilities and buildings
-    Use of waterways.

-    Use of council owned land


Permits: Require approval from the relevant local or regional council

 All permits for Queenstown Lakes District Council are processed through APL Property Queenstown :   email 

 Phone  03 442 7133 -    Download a filming permit form here.QLDC Film Permit 2017

Department of Conservation (DOC)

DOC  is the guardian of New Zealand's conservation estate and administers its national parks. If you want to film in an area managed by DOC you need to apply for a concession.DOC Film Concession Form

We encourage you to have as much pre-application discussion with the local DOC office as possible.

Film crews should familiarise themselves with this process and follow the guidance when applying for their DOC concession, this reduces the time and cost required , in most cases the application is best lodged at the DOC office nearest the primary location that is to be used. DOC map  

Concessions are governed by DOC’s Code of Practice: The Code’s stated purpose is to provide film crews with guidance and assistance,  consent forms and other relevant material such as information about fees can be found on DOC’s website under the title:
Commercial Filming on Public Conservation Lands.DOC code of practice for Filming

Filming at the Airport :

Any filming at Queenstown Airport requires a permit from the Queenstown Airport Corporation , the contact number is 03 4509031 

Please find the application form here : Queenstown Airport Film Application

Commercial filming on LINZ Pastoral Land (stations or farms)

If you are filming on Pastoral lease land with the permission of the leaseholder (farmer) you will also need a LINZ Pastoral recreation permit from LINZ Pastoral.

Please find the application form hereApplication Form

View pastoral lease run maps

Key Landholders

Permission to film is required from the landowner of all locations. This section is designed to help filmmakers understand the significance that New Zealanders place on their landscape, and the steps necessary to obtain permission to film on public and private land.
Maori Land :
The encouragement of consultation with local iwi is recommended before filming in New Zealand. A general guideline about Maori filming protocols is given below.
Ngai Tahu (the Maori tribe of the southern islands of New Zealand) has published guidelines for filming within their own rohe (tribal region).
-    General Guidelines and Protocols For Filming within Iwi (Tribal) Boundaries (PDF, 80KB)
-    A Guideline for Filming within the rohe of Ngai Tahu (PDF, 125KB)Ngai Tahu Protocols
These guidelines have been prepared by Nga Aho Whakaari – Maori in Film & Video Inc., using the guidelines jointly prepared by Ngai Tahu and the Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA).


Contact the film office for all information on filming permits at   or

-    Download a permissions summary document list :

      Contact list for permissions